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03.12.2018 [email protected]
Central to the SamSam ransomware schemeÔÇÖs success were Khorashadizadeh and Ghorbaniyan, who helped the cyber actors exchange digital currency derived from ransom payments into Iranian rial and also deposited the rial into Iranian banks. To help convert the digital currency ransom payments into rial, Khorashadizadeh and Ghorbaniyan used the following two digital currency addresses: 149w62rY42aZBox8fGcmqNsXUzSStKeq8C and 1AjZPMsnmpdK2Rv9KQNfMurTXinscVro9V. Since 2013, Khorashadizadeh and Ghorbaniyan have used these two digital currency addresses to process over 7,000 transactions, to interact with over 40 exchangersÔÇöincluding some US-based exchangersÔÇöand to send approximately 6,000 bitcoin worth millions of USD, some of which involved bitcoin derived from SamSam ransomware.
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