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18.04.2020 Dian Solbrig [email protected]
States an old password that I had and says they have sexually explicit videos of me from my laptop by triggering my laptop camera. If I don pay 2000USD within 24 hrs, they will release videos to my contacts. Also listed on Bitcoin Abuse database by others.
18.04.2020 Dian Solbrig
16.04.2020 Gabriele Dearden
16.04.2020 Clyve Maloney
16.04.2020 <a href="/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="05637760696c69696c646b72664
15.04.2020 Garold Rees
15.04.2020 Shawnee Shnur
Blackmailing, asking to pay 2000 usd
15.04.2020 Zaria Guberman <a href="/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="e7829f838588
Received a blackmail/sextortion type email from someone demanding a payment in bitcoins or a video will be released. The email starts: &quot;I am aware, *****, is your pass word. I require your full attention for the upcoming 24 hrs, or I will certainly make sure you that you live out of embarrassment for the rest of your life. Hey, you don&#039;t know me. Yet I know everything regarding you. Your entire fb contact list, smartphone contacts plus all the virtual activity in your computer from previous 165 days. Consisting of, your self pleasure video, which brings me to the primary motive why I &#039;m crafting this e-mail to you.&quot;
15.04.2020 <a href="/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="34534c505b465d5751595c745b4
15.04.2020 Dian Solbrig, <a href="/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="0e6b7e696c626
Threat to reveal image to family, includes old password as evidence
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