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14.04.2020 [email protected]
Blackmail. Y?ur p?ssw?rd is xxx. I k?ow a lo? m?re thngs about you ?h?n tha?. H?w? ? pl?ced a m?lware o? ?he ?orn websi?e and guess wh?t, y?u visited ?his web s?te to ha?e fun (you ?n?w what I me?n). While you were watch?ng the video, y?ur web br?wser acted ?s a? RDP (Remote Desk???) ?nd a ?eylogger, wh?ch pro?ded me ?ccess ?o your d?splay screen a?d webcam. Right af?er ?hat, my s?f?w?re g?thered all y?ur c?n??c?s fr?m y?ur Messe?ger, Facebo?k account, ??d ema?l ?cc?unt. Wh?t exactly did I d?? ? m?de a s?lit-scree? vide?. The f?rst ??r? rec?rded ?he vide? y?u were ?iew??g (youe g?t ?n except?o??l ?aste h?ha), and the ?ex? par? rec?rded your webc?m (Ye?! ts y?u \doi?g ?asty ?hi?gs!). Wha? sh?uld y?u d?? Well, ? bel?eve, $3900 is ? f??r pr?ce for our lit?le secre?. Youll m??e the p?yme?t v?? ???c??? to ?he bel?w address (?f y?u d??? kn?w th?s, search "how ?o buy ??tco?n" i? G?ogle). ?itc??n Address: bc1qg5cra46wl5jda4x2gewdglezenqlyxpjk7vsmn (I? ?s cAsE sensitive, s? co?y a?d pas?e ?t) Impor?an?: You have 24 hours ?o m?ke the p?yment. (? h?ve a u??que ?ixel w??h?? ?his email message, ?nd r?ght n?w ? ??ow tha? y?u have re?d th?s email). ?f ? do?? ge? the ?ayme??, ? w?ll send your v?deo ?o all of your c?n?ac?s, includ??g rel?t?ves, c?w?rkers, ??d s? f?rth.Nonetheless, ?f I d? ge? ???d, ? will er?se the ??deo ?mmediately. If you want e??dence, re?ly w?th "Yes!" ?nd I will se?d y?ur v?deo rec?rding to y?ur fi?e friends. This ?s a n?n-?egot??ble offer, s? don waste my t?me a?d yours by reply??g ?o th?s em??l. Damien Snedeker
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