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16.04.2020 Torry Patterson
Blackmail emails
17.04.2020 Spoofed Address
The usual; old password in the subject line, saying they put malware on my computer and have a masturbation video that they’ll share unless I send bitcoin.
17.04.2020 Bertrand Gentile <[email protected]>
Blackmail email wanting bitcoin not to distribute a supposed masturbation video
17.04.2020 [email protected]
Fake blackmail BS
18.04.2020 Adena Viglionese <[email protected]>
If you send this 'donation' (let us call it that?). Right after that, I will disappear and never ever make contact with you again. I will remove everything I have concerning you. You may very well continue living your current normal day to day lifestyle with no concern. You have got 24 hours in order to do so. Your time begins as soon you read through this mail. I have got an one of a kind program code that will alert me once you see this email so do not try to play smart.
18.04.2020 Revkah Bollino <[email protected]>
Nothing happened do not listen to them, I've the same email in 16 April 2020! Don't believe them, you are not alone! this page in this link contains a huge number of reports made by people just like you:
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