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Hello User” We the management of Fxswiftmarkets Team wish to inform you that your investment income in our monitoring firm has been credited in trade account. And The Financial Regulatory Conduct Authority” have placed a general rules which is set to be released from it applicable binding of every individual on standby or in frozen status. IMPORTANT NOTE: You’re here by authorized to sign the above document attached and revert us back with a full scanned copy of it, so we can further commence on your withdrawal. YOURS SINCERELY THE FXSWIFTMARKETS TEAM”
Hello Spencer” We have successfully approved your withdrawal in our monitoring firm and now funds is set to be release from it applicable binding which we need some specific details from you to enable us commence on your funds transfer. Kindly provide us the details below. 1. A valid identity card that verify your personality. 2. Your bank account details and location address. 3. Your residential home address state and city. 4. And a cell phone number. Revert us back with the required details stated, so we can commence on your withdrawal at once. YOURS SINCERELY THE FXSWIFTMARKET TEAM”
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