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20.06.2019 Michael Emil Clarke
This person contacted me through Instragram. We talked for a few days. Seemed to have common interests. Told me about an investment opportunity that could be quite lucrative. Helped me set up my account and said that he would create the address for me. Instructed me through the whole process. I bought bitcoin on June 20th at a BTM $1,305 CAD with QR code 32K3sdebApVfoyk3UkGALXZpgocoZewrE9. He has since deactivated the Instagram account and cell phone number is no longer in service.
21.08.2019 [email protected]/Noel Carnahan
Scammer on Instagram Instagram name is sanoelcarnahj . Set you up to invest in bitcoins sends you to Bitcoin ATM gives you the address to scan then blocks you.
20.03.2021 __bluebirdpete, Peter Henrik Burke
Talked for 9 months, was teaching me how to invest and tricked me into sending everything to my “trading wallet” which was really his, also made a fake trading account (siercofx)
23.03.2021 Pete Burke [email protected]
See the payment receipts and outputs of this address. open