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02.02.2019 lair
email header spoofer
02.02.2019 some random skript-kiddie who REALLY doesn't know what he's talking about
190201 - 1MusNehqeiGm7JSXJVVrd3U3mQbXC9BUMr - he doesn't have access to my computer, i don't look at porn on the web, i don't even have a webcam, and he doesn't have any bitcoin in his wallet. ???? let's keep it that way. he is an adolescent wannabe loser. ????
02.02.2019 unknown
Sent email claiming to have full access to computer and webcam and took compromising video which he/she will send to all contacts unless I paid him $680 USD to this bitcoin address.
See the payment receipts and outputs of this address. open