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02.02.2019 hacked adress Hari Strukelj
"Ther? are 1600 s?ft marks that inst?ll?d m? priv?t? c?mput?r worm There are too m?n? differn?t instructions about protection on the internet- c?nnections only throug proxy serv?rs , inst?ll a?tu?l system pr?t??t?rs; sti?k webcam with the s?ot?h... But y?u negl?ct ?verything (Wrong) Our inbuilt parser responded to web-p?ges with porn that you w?r? visiting. Instantl? when the pl?? button w?s tapped the mali?ious soft ?ctivated th? web-camer? t? ?at?h ??u m?sturb?ting. Lat?r m? m?lwar? sent the link of ? vid th?t y?u open?d on th? c?mputer”. I have no active webcam , microphone....."
See the payment receipts and outputs of this address. open