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08.04.2021 [email protected]
SEXTORTION attempt from the sender -- So! OK, the story is, you like to see P-0-R-N movies ... and I have you REC0RDED in the same time you MASSTURBATE. Your smartphone got lNFECTED and turned on your CAMERA when... was important if we can say that. Also... your list of contacts/list of social contacts was copied so if you don`t send to me 1200$ worth in BIT-COlN I will send the video with you to your list of contacts. You can search on Google for P-A-X-F-U-L and get some coins there. My details are these and send that amount approximately: The Address: 1Lzd8Hx4nfTcAwEZNY4Vt8kbUHdRSLnHoj The Amount: 0.02 I give you a few days to complete this. To remove my stuff from your device look for "How to reset to factory settings" and your device model. You may want to stop watching this stuff to not get in trouble again ... you know.. Once the bribery is sent the footage will be erased and I will be gone. --
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