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19.09.2019 Modesty Bray <[email protected]>
Do you really thÐûnk Ðût was some kind ?Åf joke ?År that you c?ün Ðûgn?År?ô m?ô? I c?ün see what you ar?ô doing. Stop shoppÐûng and fuckÐûng ?üround, y?Åur tÐûme is almost over. Yea, I know what you were doing p?üst couple ?Åf days. I have be?ôn observing you. Btw. nice c?ür y?Åu have got th?ôre.. I wonder how it will l?Å?Åk with pÐûcs ?Åf y?Åur dick and f?üce... Beca?½se you thÐûnk you ar?ô smarter and can disr?ôg?ürd me, I am postÐûng the videos I rec?Årded wÐûth you mast?½rb?ütÐûng to the porn right now. I will ?½pl?Åad th?ô vide?Ås I acquir?ôd ?ülong with some of yo?½r det?üils to the online f?Årum. I ?üms?½re th?ôy will l?Åve to s?ôe y?Åu in action, and you will soon discov?ôr what is going t?Å happen to you. If you do not fund this bitc?Åin address wÐûth $1000 wÐûthÐûn next 2 days, I will contact y?Åur relatives and everyb?Ådy on your cont?üct lists and show them your recordings.
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