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22.10.2019 spoofed my email
19.10.2019 Yet another muppet
Claims to have webcam footage (don't have one, obvs) and uses an ancient password. Can't believe the desperation of these asshats.
18.10.2019 spoofed my email
claim they have access to an email account by revealing a 10 year old password. In a different email they claim to have hacked my computer (same bitcoin #) well they would know that this email is from the same device. <sigh> these shit for brains are real losers. does anyone still fall for this shit?
18.10.2019 spoofed my email
18.10.2019 some random skript-kiddie who doesn't know what she's talking about
191018 - 1Jwc2LKgcjNDvaKrHFjU7rVt2XGBck9v4R - she doesn't have access to my computer, i don't look at porn on the web, i don't even have a webcam, and she doesn't have any bitcoin in her wallet. let's keep it that way. ????
18.10.2019 none given
this idiot is asking for $917 in bitcoin as ransom otherwise he's going to release an alleged video of me. yet, another idiot scammer. get rid of this guy.
18.10.2019 Caution! Attack hackers to your account!
18.10.2019 Unknown
Email address skimmed by hacker to appear that it was coming from my email stating a password I changed 18 months ago
18.10.2019 collection of mutated cells
18.10.2019 Spoofed email address
Usual rubbish. Please commit suicide - the world would be a better place without you.
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