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19.09.2019 Merola Woolfolk [email protected]
D?ì you really think it was some kind of joke or that you c?ón ignore me? I can se?ù what you ar?ù doing. Stop sh?ìpping and fucking ?ór?ì?®nd, your time is almost over. Yea, I kn?ìw what you w?ùre doing past couple of d?óys. I have been obs?ùrving y?ì?®. Btw. nice car y?ì?® have g?ìt ther?ù.. I wonder how it w??ll look w??th pics ?ìf your dick and face... Because y?ìu think you ?óre smarter and can disregard m?ù, I am p?ìsting the v??de?ìs I r?ùcorded with you masturbat??ng to th?ù p?ìrn r??ght now. I will ?®pload th?ù v??deos I acquired al?ìng with some ?ìf your d?ùta??ls to the onl??ne f?ìrum. I ams?®r?ù they w??ll love to s?ù?ù y?ìu in acti?ìn, and you w??ll soon disc?ìver what ??s going to happen t?ì y?ìu. If you do not f?®nd th??s bitco??n address w??th $1000 within n?ùxt 2 d?óys, I will contact your relat??ves and everybody on y?ìur c?ìntact lists and show them your recordings. ===================================== Send: 0.1 b??tcoin (??.e approx $1000) t?ì this Bitcoin ?óddr?ùss: 1JZF3TBnrcvY1UguV1BuxCWBqAFAqRe9WL
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