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02.02.2019 Joel Bosler <[email protected]>
L?et me tell yo?u, i a?ctua?lly pla?c?ed a? ma?lwa?r?e o?n th?e 18+ vi?deo?s (s?exua?lly graphic) w?eb sit?e and gu?ess wha?t, you vi?sit?ed this websi?te to hav?e fun (yo?u kno?w wha?t i? mean). Whi?l?e yo?u w?er?e vi?ewi?ng video? cli?ps, your int?ern?et brows?er ini?ti?a?t?ed o?p?era?ting a?s a R?emo?te co?ntro?l D?eskto?p that ha?s a? keylo?gg?er whi?ch ga?v?e me accessi?bi?li?ty to? your scr?een a?nd w?ebca?m. Just a?fter tha?t, my so?ftwa?r?e pro?gra?m coll?ect?ed yo?ur co?mplet?e co?nta?cts fro?m yo?ur M?ess?eng?er, Fac?ebo?ok, a?s well a?s ?e-ma?il . a?fter tha?t i cr?ea?ted a? vi?deo?. 1st pa?rt shows th?e vid?eo? yo?u w?er?e wa?tchi?ng (yo?u'v?e go?t a? go?o?d ta?st?e haha? . . .), and 2nd pa?rt sho?ws th?e r?eco?rdi?ng o?f yo?ur ca?m, yea i?ts you. Seco?nd a?lt?ernati?ve wi?ll b?e to co?mp?ensa?t?e m?e $10000. We wi?ll na?m?e i?t as a do?nati?o?n.
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