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05.03.2019 He uses my own e mail adress as sender
Send a mailing saying that he has a private video and threatening to share it with my contacts. Ask for 1000 USD in exchange for not doing it
02.04.2019 Source Mail <a href="/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="abc8c4c6dec5c2c
Same as all other Reports
18.03.2019 my own email
sent from my own email address, hacked months ago send bit coins or share vids etc.
spoofed mailaddress. fake hacking. DON`T PAY. this is from a selfmade arsehole
15.03.2019 Blackmail &amp; scam
He tried to scam me for 1000 BTC over my email and blackmailed me with history on google that was fake
15.03.2019 Unknown, used my email address
Same blackmail scam as reported by others. Hilariously, the text of the email was a JPG image and requested that you cut and paste the bitcoin address in it. Doh!
14.03.2019 Received: from ( [])
Same as everybody else. Wants bitcoin for &quot;my hacked account&quot; with videos of me jerking of or something.
13.03.2019 Received: from [] (unknown [])
Spoofs user email or catchall. Uses jpeg to demand BTC in 48 hours. Been getting these for four days
13.03.2019 no name
same email as others have shown here
13.03.2019 mail spoofer
like the other posters wrote - wants bitcoins
12.03.2019 Used my own e-mail address to send to my own e-mail address
See the payment receipts and outputs of this address. open