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08.01.2021 Spoof
Same as the others.
08.01.2021 Some twat.
Same email as the others. Time to shut this one down.
08.01.2021 Cooperation offer
This idiot tries to extort people under the threat of sending info about adult sites to every one of your contacts. I want to report his bitcoin wallet.
08.01.2021 [email protected]
email scam! (trojan)
09.01.2021 spoofed email address
Okay, who's the idiot that fell for this? When are people going to learn? Same old ploy... "Únfört?nately, Í have sóme bad news fór yö?. Several mónths agó, Í gót..."
09.01.2021 [email protected]
Únfört?nately, Í have sóme bad news fór yö?. Received one of these the other day it’s fake don’t pay ransom!!!
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