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22.01.2019 Comes from your own email
You may not kn?w m? and y?u are pr?b?bl? wondering wh? you ?re getting this ? mail, right? I'm a h??k?r who cra?ked ??ur d?vic?s a f?w m?nths ?go. I sent y?u an email from YOUR ha?k?d ac??unt.
22.01.2019 Sammy Mouton - Crazy long gibberish email address
I gu?r?nt?? ?ou that I will n?t disturb y?u ?g?in ?fter p??m?nt, ?s you ?re n?t m? single vi?tim. This is a h??k?r code of h?nor. Don’t be m?d ?t me, ?v?ryon? h?s th?ir own work. ?xa?tl? wh?t sh?uld ?ou d?? W?ll, in my ?pinion, $495 (USD) is ? f?ir pri?e for our little se?r?t.
22.01.2019 [email protected]
Y?u m?y not kn?w m? and ??u ?re pr?b?bl? wondering why ?ou ?r? g?tting this ? m?il, right? I'm ? h?cker who ?r?cked your devic?s ? f?w months ago. I setup ? malwar? on the adult vids (p?rno) web-site and guess wh?t, you visit?d this site t? have fun (?ou kn?w what I me?n). Whil? ??u were wat?hing vide?s, ??ur int?rnet bro?wser st?rt?d ?ut fun?tioning as ? RDP (Remote C?ntr?l) having a ke?l?gger which gave m? ???essibilit? to your s?r??n and web ?am. ?ft?r th?t, my software progr?m ?btain?d ?ll of ??ur c?nta?ts ?nd files. I ?r?at?d a d?ubl?-s?r?en video. 1st part shows the video you wer? w?tching (y?u'v? got ? g??d taste h?ha . . .), ?nd 2nd part shows the re?ording of ?our web cam. Do n?t try to find ?nd d?stro? my virus! Well, in my ?pini?n, $795 (USD) is ? f?ir pri?? for our little s?cr?t. You'll mak? th? p??ment by Bit?coin 1EtkXcUaRuZqK8Lvoe4QRtjM3zBjoxKtnK
22.01.2019 spoofed email
blackmail -claims that after receivibg anonimous bitcoins I will never hear from him. fake fake fake. i hope no one will fall for this blackmail attempt, everything is false
22.01.2019 Spoof email
Of c?urs? ??u can will ?h?ng? it, ?r alread? ?hang?d it. But it do?sn't matt?r, m? malware upd?t?d it ev?ry tim?. What did I do? I ?re?ted a d?ubl?-screen video. 1st part sh?ws the vid?? y?u w?r? wat?hing (?ou've got a go?d t?st? h?h? . . .), ?nd 2nd part shows the r?cording of ?our web c?m. D? n?t try t? find and destroy my virus! (All your d?ta is alread? upl??ded t? a r?mot? s?rv?r) – D? not tr? to ?ontact with m? – Vari?us s??urity s?rvi??s will not help you; f?rmatting a disk ?r destroying ? devi?? will not h?lp ?ith?r, since ??ur dat? is ?lr?ady
.... Well, in m? opinion, $895 (USD) is a fair price f?r our littl? secret. Y?u'll mak? the paym?nt b? Bit?coin (if ?ou do not kn?w this, s?ar?h "how to buy Bit???in" in G?ogle). My Bit???in w?l?l?t Address: 1EtkXcUaRuZqK8Lvoe4QRtjM3zBjoxKtnK impor?tant: You h?ve 48 hour in ?rd?r t? mak? the p??ment. (I've ? fa?ebook pix?l in this mail, and at this m?ment I know th?t y?u have re?d thr?ugh this email mess?g?).
23.01.2019 yootprooct~shessprank.lipbokaswoofblect-ropstrip-
He?. It's m?! Y?ur future fri?nd or ?n?m?. Y?u d? not kn?w m? ?nd think wh? I re?eiv?d this l?tt?r. I hack phon?s ?nd sav? inf?rmation from th?m. I installed y?u ? pr?gram with the functi?ns of s?ving video ?nd saving typing. Wh?n you visited the sit?s th?t int?rest m?. (Sit?s c?ntaining porn.) M? pr?gr?m re?ord?d video from ??ur scr??n with simultane?us conne?tion t? ?our c?m?r?. S?ying thanks to th? phone manufa?tur?rs. This mod? - Split Screen. Also, I sav?d a full backup ?f ??ur ph?ne, which c?nt?ins all your fil?s. Histor? of ??rr?sp?nd?n?e, br??ws?r histor? and ?ll t?lephon? ?ont?cts during the hacking. S?ying th?nks to the ph?n? manufa?turers. This m?d? - b?ckup. You think what I sh?uld do. And, ?f c?urs?, ?ou ?r? furious. You have to mak? a ?hoi?e. And rememb?r. Y?u mak? ch?i??, wh?t will happ?n n?xt in ?our lif?.
23.01.2019 ???
Hey. It's m?! Y?ur futur? fri?nd or ?n?m?. You do n?t know m? and think wh? I r???iv?d this lett?r. I hack ph?nes and sav? inform?ti?n from th?m. I inst?lled you a progr?m with the fun?ti?ns of saving vide? and s?ving t?ping. When ?ou visit?d th? sit?s th?t inter?st me. (Sites cont?ining porn.) My progr?m r?cord?d vid?? from ?our screen with simultan??us c?nn??tion t? ??ur cam?r?. S??ing th?nks to the phone m?nufa?turers. This m?de - Split Screen. You think wh?t I sh?uld d?. And, ?f c?urs?, ?ou are furious. Y?u h?v? t? m?ke a ?h?i??. And r?m?mber. You mak? ch?i?e, what will h?pp?n n?xt in y?ur lif?. I want to g?t p?id f?r th? w?rk done. We all w?nt ?ur work to b? p?id. (Even if it w?s not ? w?nt?d job.) I want 1000 USD. In Bit???in My wal?l?t B?TC Address: 1EtkXcUaRuZqK8Lvoe4QRtjM3zBjoxKtnK
23.01.2019 ???
ransomware alleging porn access
23.01.2019 1EtkXcUaRuZqK8Lvoe4QRtjM3zBjoxKtnK
Ransomware about filming you watching porn
23.01.2019 accounts bliftsmach
I sent y?u an ?m?il fr?m YOUR h??k?d ?c?ount. I setup a malware on the porn w?bsite ?ou visit?d t? h?ve fun. While y?u were wat?hing vids, ??ur bro?wser start?d fun?ti?ning ?s a RDP with a keylogger which g?v? me ?ccess t? your screen ?nd w?b??m ?ft?r that, my softw?re got all of your conta?ts ?nd fil?s. Of cours? ??u c?n will change it, or alr?ady ?hang?d it. But it d??sn't m?tt?r, m? malw?re updated it ?v?r?tim?. What did I d?? I cre?t?d a doubl?s?reen vid. 1st part sh?ws the vid you w?re wat?hing, ?nd 2nd p?rt shows th? rec?rding ?f ??ur w?bcam. D? not tr? to find and destr?? my virus! D? not try to c?nta?t m? V?ri?us secu?rit? servi??s will not h?lp ??u; form?tting ? disk ?r destr?ying a devi?e will not help eith?r, sin?e y?ur d?ta is alre?d? ?n a rem?te s?rv?r. I guarant?? that I will n?t disturb ??u ?gain after paym?nt, as you ar? n?t m? only vi?tim. This is a h?ck?r ??de of hon?r. Exactly what should ?ou d?? Well, in m? opinion, US$595 is a fair pric? f?r our littl? se?r?t.
23.01.2019 Received: from [] (port=41603
Yet another tosspot blackmailer! sending email to an alias claiming it hacked, and to have hacked a computer that doesn't have a camera! LOL
23.01.2019 Low Life Subhuman Fecal Stain
Hey to my futur? friend or ?nemy. Do everyone a favour and kill yourself, we don't need another useless dirty turd flinging monkey bothering us with your pathetic lies. Shut your mouth sphincter and get on with your suicide. We who report you will wait.
23.01.2019 Y?u m?y not kn?w me ?nd y?u ?r? prob?bl? wond?ring why you ?r? getting this ? mail, right?
Sends blackmail email every day with menaces
23.01.2019 Sent from my own address.
Blackmail against me watching pots and stating malware has control of my device and camera.
23.01.2019 1EtkXcUaRuZqK8Lvoe4QRtjM3zBjoxKtnK
Email sent from my own account (supposedly) demanding $595us or they will send emails telling everyone I watch porn (never have) and have video through my web cam (don't have one)
23.01.2019 unknown
Received: from [] (helo=[]) by with esmtpa envelope from <[email protected]> authenticated with [email protected] message id 1gm6ib-0000um-dp --- Return-Path: <[email protected]>
23.01.2019 unknown
Received: from [] (helo=[]) by with esmtpa envelope from <[email protected]> authenticated with [email protected] message id 1gmG7D-0000jq-il --- Return-Path: <mugglam[email protected]>
23.01.2019 Fake Ransomware
I deposited the bitcoins, then hacked the account & took them back. Ha Ha !
23.01.2019 Ransomewear
Threatens to send contacts videos of you watching porn
23.01.2019 Spoof of my own email address
Wants me to deposit $695 USD in bitcoin wallet to stop blackmailing me. Yawn.
23.01.2019 some random skript-kiddie who REALLY doesn't know what he's talking about
190123 - 1EtkXcUaRuZqK8Lvoe4QRtjM3zBjoxKtnK - he doesn't have access to my computer, i don't look at porn on the web, i don't even have a webcam, but, nevertheless, someone has been buying into this scam and paying him bitcoin! we MUST put a stop to this! He is an adolescent wannabe loser. ????
23.01.2019 [email protected]
Email saying that the receiver had been hacked and video of adult content had been recorded. $595 (USD) in BitCoin was demanded.
23.01.2019 Spoofed from my email address
Email attempting blackmail spoofed from my email address. Asking for $795 USD. W?ll, in m? ?pini?n, $795 (USD) is a fair pri?e for our little se?ret. Y?u'll make th? paym?nt b? Bitc?in (if ??u do n?t know this, s?arch "h?w to buy Bitcoin" in G?ogle). M? Bitcoin w?llet Addr?ss: 1EtkXcUaRuZqK8Lvoe4QRtjM3zBjoxKtnK (copy the whole line without spaces) (It is cAsE s?nsitive, s? ?op? ?nd p?st? it) import?nt: You hav? 48 hour in ?rder t? m?ke th? p?yment. (I've ? f?c?b?ok pi?el in this m?il, ?nd at this moment I kn?w that y?u h?ve r?ad thr?ugh this email mess?ge).
23.01.2019 gluftdrish
Email claiming to have a backup of mobile phone and screen recordings of the user going to porn sites.
23.01.2019 [email protected]
Let's sum up th? r?sults- I got vid with you m?sturbating; ??ntact list ?f ??ur mat?sand vid?? which you watched ?n th? s?r??n. You ??n help yourself ??u must s?nd us 500 usd in Bit??oin. It is m? w?l?l?t number - 1EtkXcUaRuZqK8Lvoe4QRtjM3zBjoxKtnK (copy the whole line without spaces) Think bett?r- b? a st?r ?mong fri?nds or pay this little sum to s?fe your s??i?l st?tus. Cops cant help. W? us? botnet, and of ?ours? I live ?br??d. IP in a h??d?r is not mine. For s?me questi?ns just r?ply. Dont be fullish.
23.01.2019 Unknown
Attempted extortion
24.01.2019 no name
I'm ? h?ck?r who ?r?cked your devic?s a few months ?g?. I s?nt ?ou ?n email fr?m YOUR ha?ked ac??unt. ---- of email Well, in my ?pinion, $895 (USD) is a f?ir price for ?ur little se?r?t. Y?u'll mak? the p??m?nt b? Bit?coin (if y?u d? n?t know this, se?r?h "how t? buy Bit?c?in" in Googl?). My Bit?coin wal?let Address: 1EtkXcUaRuZqK8Lvoe4QRtjM3zBjoxKtnK (copy the whole line without spaces) - end of email imp?r?t?nt: To tra?k th? re?ding of a mess?g? ?nd the ??tions in it, I use the facebo?k pixel. Thanks t? them. (Everything th?t is used for th? authoriti?s ??n h?lp us.) If I do n?t get th? Bit?c?ins, I will cert?inl? send ?ut ??ur vide? re??rding to ?ll of ?our cont?cts in?luding rel?tives, c?w?rkers, ?nd so ?n. H?ving s?id th?t, if I re??iv? th? pa?m?nt, I'll destr?? the vide? immidiat?ly.
24.01.2019 Alt Richard <[email protected]>
Y?u m?y not know me ?nd ??u are pr?babl? w?ndering wh? y?u ?re getting this e m?il, right? I'm ? h??ker wh? cr??k?d y?ur d?vices a f?w m?nths ag?. I sent ?ou an ?m?il from YOUR h??ked acc?unt. I setup a malware ?n the ?dult vids (p?rn?) web-sit? ?nd gu?ss wh?t, ?ou visit?d this sit? to h?ve fun (y?u know wh?t I m?an). Whil? y?u w?re watching vid??s, your int?rnet br?wser started out functioning as ? RDP (Remote Contr?l) h?ving ? ke?logger which g?v? m? ac?essibilit? to your s?re?n ?nd w?b cam. aft?r that, m? software pr?gr?m obtained all of ??ur ??ntacts ?nd files. Y?u enter?d ? p?ssw?rds on th? w?bsites ??u visit?d, and I inter?ept?d it. Of course y?u can will ?hang? it, or ?lr??dy ?hanged it. But it do?sn't matt?r, m? m?lw?re updated it ?ver? time. Wh?t did I do? I created ? doubl?-s?reen vid??. 1st part sh?ws th? video you w?r? wat?hing (y?u've got ? go?d tast? h?ha . . .), and 2nd p?rt shows the r?c?rding ?f ??ur w?b cam.
24.01.2019 Y?u h?v? 48 hour in order to mak? th? payment.
imp?r?tant: Y?u h?v? 48 hour in order to mak? th? payment. (I'v? ? fac?bo?k pix?l in this m?il, and at this m?m?nt I know th?t you have r?ad through this ?mail m?ss?ge). T? track the r?ading ?f a mess?ge ?nd the acti?ns in it, I us? the fa??b?ok pixel. Th?nks t? th?m. (Ev?r?thing th?t is used for the auth?riti?s ?an help us.) If I d? n?t get th? Bit??oins, I will cert?inly send out ?our video r??ording to ?ll of y?ur c?nta?ts including r?l?tives, ??workers, ?nd so ?n. Having said that, if I rec?iv? the p?yment, I'll destroy the vide? immidiately. If y?u n??d ?viden?e, repl? with "Y?s!" ?nd I will ?ert?inly send out ?our video r??ording to ??ur 6 ??nt??ts. It is a non-negotiable offer, th?t being s?id don't w?st? m? p?rsonal tim? and yours by r?sponding t? this m?ssag?.
24.01.2019 "Guy Roger"
Hey. It's m?! Y?ur future fri?nd or en?my. You do not kn?w m? and think why I r??eived this lett?r. I hack phon?s ?nd s?v? inform?tion fr?m them. I installed you a program with th? functi?ns ?f saving vide? and saving t?ping. When ??u visit?d the sites th?t inter?st m?. (Sit?s ??ntaining porn.) M? progr?m r??ord?d vid?? fr?m y?ur s?reen with simultan??us ?onn?cti?n to ??ur ?am?ra. Saying th?nks t? the phon? m?nuf??tur?rs. This m?d? - Split S?reen. Also, I sav?d ? full b??kup ?f y?ur phon?, whi?h contains all your fil?s. Hist?r? of ??rresp?nden?e, br??wser histor? ?nd ?ll tel?phon? ??nt??ts during th? ha?king. S?ying th?nks to th? phone m?nufacturers. This mode - backup. You think what I should d?. And, of c?urse, y?u ?r? furious. You hav? to mak? a ch?ic?. And r?memb?r. Y?u m?k? choi??, what will happ?n next in ?our life.
24.01.2019 Juan Lamotte ([email protected]oo)
He writes: I gu?r?nt?? you th?t I will n?t disturb y?u ?g?in aft?r pa?ment, as you ?r? n?t my single victim. This is ? ha?k?r ?od? ?f h?n?r. He writes: Don’t b? mad ?t me, ?v?ry?n? has th?ir own w?rk. exa?tl? wh?t should ??u do? Well, in my ?pini?n, $895 (USD) is a f?ir price for ?ur little s?cret. You'll make th? p?yment b? Bit? coin (if ??u do not know this, s??r?h "how t? buy Bit? c?in" in Google).
I'm a ha?ker who ?r?ck?d ?our devi?es ? f?w months ?go. I sent you ?n em?il from YOUR ha?k?d ????unt. I setup ? m?lwar? on the adult vids (porn?) web-sit? and guess wh?t, ??u visited this site to have fun (?ou kn?w wh?t I m??n). ?fter that, m? softw?re pr?gr?m ?btain?d all of your contacts and files. Y?u entered a p?sswords on the websites y?u visited, and I int?r??pt?d it. Of ??urse y?u can will ?h?nge it, or ?lr?ady chang?d it. But it d??sn't m?tt?r, m? malw?r? upd?ted it ev?ry time. Wh?t did I do? I ?reat?d ? doubl?-s?re?n video. 1st part sh?ws the vide? ??u were w?tching (y?u'v? g?t ? go?d tast? h?ha . . .), and 2nd part shows the r?c?rding of y?ur w?b cam. W?ll, in m? opini?n, $595 (USD) is a f?ir pric? for our little s?cr?t. Y?u'll mak? the pa?m?nt by Bitcoin (if ?ou d? not know this, sear?h "h?w t? buy Bitc?in" in G??gle). My Bitc?in wallet Address: 1EtkXcUaRuZqK8Lvoe4QRtjM3zBjoxKtnK (copy the whole line without spaces)
24.01.2019 no name
spam email requesting I pay out in bitcoin to prevent release of information
24.01.2019 Ellis Godart
Wh?t did I d?? I ?re?t?d a d?ubl?-scr?en vid??. 1st p?rt shows the vid?? ?ou w?r? watching (y?u've got a good taste h?ha . . .), and 2nd part sh?ws th? r?c?rding ?f your web cam. D? n?t try t? find and d?str?? my virus! (All ?our d?t? is alr??d? uplo?d?d to ? remote s?rv?r) – Do n?t tr? to ??ntact with m? – Various security servi??s will not h?lp you; formatting ? disk or d?stro?ing a devic? will not help ?ither, sin?e your d?ta is alre?d? ?n ? r?m?t? s?rver. I gu?rant?e ??u th?t I will not disturb y?u again ?ft?r payment, as ??u ?re not m? single victim. This is a h?cker cod? of h?nor. D?n’t b? mad ?t m?, every?ne has their own work. ??actly wh?t should y?u do? W?ll, in my ?pinion, $595 (USD) is ? f?ir pri?? for ?ur littl? s?cr?t. You'll make the payment by Bitc?in (if you do not kn?w this, search "how to buy bitc?in" in G?ogl?). My Bitc?in w?ll?t Address: 1KCuGMmKzNMANHdo2fXG3gSCWvcFprk35p
26.01.2019 Self emailed
He?. It's me! Y?ur futur? friend or ?nem?. Y?u do not kn?w me and think why I rec?ived this letter. I h?ck ph?nes and s?v? inform?tion from th?m. I inst?ll?d ?ou a program with th? fun?tions ?f s?ving vid?o ?nd saving typing. Wh?n y?u visited th? sites th?t int?r?st m?. (Sites ?ont?ining porn.) M? progr?m recorded video from y?ur s?re?n with simultane?us c?nn??ti?n t? ??ur ??m?ra. Saying thanks to the phone manufa?turers. This mode - Split Scre?n. Also, I sav?d ? full backup of ?our ph?ne, which ?ontains ?ll ?our fil?s.
Blackmailing while using recent "Ronald Reagan attack.
02.02.2019 unknown
Received: from (unknown []) Received: from [] (helo=[]) by with esmtpa envelope from <[email protected]> authenticated with [email protected] message id 1gmG7D-0000gl-du Received: from [] (helo=[]) by with esmtpa envelope from <[email protected]> authenticated with [email protected] message id 1gmG7D-0000jq-il --- Return-Path: <mugglam[email protected]>
See the payment receipts and outputs of this address. open