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16.08.2020 Enjincoin Ltd
I tried to exchange 0.005BTC to ethereum through the website on July 2nd. I was told to send the BTC to this address:1B1VCfcNtqZHUZ7zWnPTT5udpbDRQXmQ8F. After weeks, then months of waiting I never received my exchange, neither was my Bitcoin returned to my wallet address. I traced the address I sent the Bitcoin to and it led to the address i'm reporting. I believe the scammer is the owner of the address. Please look into it!
19.12.2020 Hacked CRO account
Someone hacked my CRO account, converted my CRO to BTC and sent them to this address
09.01.2021 they got it from blockchain account
They got my btc from my wallet and sent to this address any one can help?
See the payment receipts and outputs of this address. open