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03.12.2019 Michael Calce
This is Michael Calce, known as MafiaBo in dark web. I am a digital security professional and you are in a big trouble. The main idea was to block access to your system and ask for a small release fee. However, during these time, you made something weird . You visited some dirty sites my friend. And you know what you did while watching these forbidden videos/photos.:) No.. That was not normal. I silently activated your device camera and of course I recorded you. You gave me a very funny video. After downloading your kinky video to my system, I immediately copied your profile details. The contact list, social media accounts, family details.. I can send your video to all these people. This will probably ruin your life ha? Let's make a deal . I did spend a lot of time monitoring you, so I want 650 USD for the cost of my time.
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