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19.09.2019 Inez Green <[email protected]>
Do you really think it was som?Ö kind of joke ?År that yo?® can ignore me? I c?án see what yo?® ar?Ö d?ÅÐûng. Stop sh?Åpping and f?®cking ?áround, your tÐûme Ðûs alm?Åst over. Yea, I know what y?Å?® w?Öre doÐûng past couple of d?áys. I hav?Ö been observing y?Åu. Btw. nÐûce car you hav?Ö got th?Öre.. I wonder how Ðût will lo?Åk with pics of y?Åur dÐûck and f?áce... Because yo?® think you are smarter and can disregard me, I am posting th?Ö vide?Ås I recorded wÐûth you mast?®rbating to the porn right now. I wÐûll upl?Åad th?Ö vid?Ö?Ås I acquired along wÐûth som?Ö ?Åf yo?®r d?ÖtaÐûls to th?Ö online for?®m. I ?ámsur?Ö they will love to see you in acti?Ån, and you will s?Åon discover wh?át is going t?Å happen to yo?®. If you do not fund this bÐûtcoin ?áddress wÐûth $1000 withÐûn n?Öxt 2 days, I wÐûll cont?áct your relativ?Ös and everybody on your c?Åntact lists and show them your recordings.
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