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11.04.2020 [email protected]
Emmerich Lombard se hace llamar. Me solicitó 1900 USD a cambio de no publicar datos
12.04.2020 "Mart Douglas" "[email protected]"
Trying to scam me with sextortion this guy have a lot of Bitcoin address but i will keep report this fake scam and bitcoin address. Mail format "? ???w "..." ??e ?f y?ur ??ssw?rd. Le?s ge? d?rec?ly ?? ?????. Y?u d??'? ???w me ??d y?u're ?r?b?bly ?h?????g why y?u're ge????g ?h?s e m??l? N?b?dy h?s c?m?e?s??ed me ?? chec? ?b?u? y?u.
12.04.2020 Udale Ahmed; [email protected]
subject is an legitimate old password, not currently used. Same font as above reports. Claiming they will release webcam footage from a website they planted malware, if you don’t pay $1900 into their bit coin account. They threaten it will be released to Facebook, messenger and email contacts in 24 hrs if you don’t pay the ransom. If you reply to them, they threaten it will be released immediately to five contacts
14.04.2020 Udale Ahmed <[email protected]>
the mail says , they will send a footage of you nudes or clips, to 9 people of your e-mail. they try to scam saying this is completly serious and you have to pay 2000€. its a blackmail.
14.04.2020 Mart Douglas
He sent me old password of my facebook account and threat to send webcam footage of me to 10 random people while jerking off or something lol.
14.04.2020 udale ahmed
Ask money for not exposing pics. Threat you saying will send it to 10 contacts.
15.04.2020 Mart Douglas
Wanting $3500 or send video
15.04.2020 Mart Douglas
Threatening me with an old password of mine saying he’s going to send naked videos or photos of me if I don’t send him $2000 in bitcoin. His email address: [email protected]
15.04.2020 Mart Douglas
With an old password threatens me to unveil pictures and video to friends of mine
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