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09.10.2019 From: Gianna Sali [mailto:[email protected]]
From: Gianna Sali [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Sunday, October 06, 2019 11:12 PM to pay m?ò $1856. We w?½ll refer to it as a don?Ñt?½on. in this instanc?ò, i most certainly will asap ?òrase yo??r vid?òo. Y?Åu can go on your daily life l?½ke this never took place and y?Å?? will n?Åt hear back aga?½n from me. Yo??'ll mak?ò the payment by Bitcoin (?½f y?Å?? don't kn?Åw this, s?òarch for 'how to b??y bitcoin' in Go?Ågle se?Ñrch engine). BTC address to send to: 19pCPBcqVdJpG81GfJJgMU1zoj6VYjHVgZ
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