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02.02.2019 Myself
Y??u m???? not know me a?nd ????u are pr??babl?? wond??ring why you ??re? g??tting this ?? m??il, right? I'm a h??cker wh?? cr???k??d ????ur de?vi???s ?? few m??nths a?go?. I s?nt y?ou ?n ??m?il fr??m YOUR h??ck??d a?????unt. I se?tup a m??lw?re? o?n th?? ?dult vids (porno?) w??b-site ?nd gue?ss wh??t, ???u visite?d this sit? to? h?v?? fun (y?o?u kn?w wh??t I me??n). Whil?? ??u w??re? watching vid??o?s, y?o?ur inte?rnet br??wser st??rt??d ?ut functi?ning as a RDP (Re?mote? C??ntro?l) having a? keylogg?r whi?h gav?? me a?c?essibilit? to ????ur s?re?e?n a?nd web ?a?m. a?ft??r tha?t, my? s??ftw??r?? pr??gram obt?ine?d a?ll of yo?ur c?ntacts ??nd fil??s.
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