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09.10.2019 Becky Maag
I plàced à softwàre on the 18+ vids (sexually graphic) web-site and guess what, you v?sit?d this website to have f?n (you kn?w what i mean). While you were viewing video cl?ps, y?ur internet brows?r b?gàn functioning as a Rem?te Desktop that has à key l?gger which gàve me àccess t? your display and webcam. àfter thàt, my software coll?ct?d ev?ry one ?f your contacts from yo?r Messenger, Fac?book, ànd e-mail . and then i mad? a double-screen vide?. 1st pàrt shows the vid?o you were watching (yo?'ve got a nic? tàst? h?he), and s?c?nd part shows the rec?rding of yo?r cam, & ?ts y??.
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