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18.10.2019 hidden
Claims of the swindler are totally impossible BS. The e-mail targeted is a forwarded address, created years ago for an event and inactive since then. (hosted on The swindler is claiming in Dutch, that he hacked a router and placed a trojan. Got access to my HD, has intimate intimate, recorded me watching porn and the whole shebang ...
Fraudeurs kennen uw oude wachtwoorden_ De toegangsgegevens moeten worden gewijzigd_
12.11.2019 Unknown, using my own e-mailadres
Threatening to expose explicit sexual behaviour. Poor mail. rather stupid dutch. Only hijacked e-mailadres ..... no proof of hacked password etc.
01.11.2019 This MF'er is mailing me
29.10.2019 Spam and Ransomware usage
Email spam and fake ransom threats.
26.10.2019 Email title" Zorg ervoor dat u dit bericht leest! Uw persoonlijke gegevens worden bedreigd!
26.10.2019 Bitcoin user 17ofNz6wmmQVuAhjv2JqyRqnxLDn2zrWpX
22.10.2019 There is no name included
It's a sextortion mail written in Dutch (but probably by a non native speaker) asking for $765 to prevent the uploading of "private content"
20.10.2019 Unknown
20.10.2019 unknown
19.10.2019 No Name
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