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09.01.2021 No name
Hello, My name is Edward Chase, I am a victim of a recent scam using Bitcoin. I was approached on a social media platform about investing into Bitcoin, and was told that I can make $500 after only investing $50. After doing that, I was then asked for more money because of "transaction fees" , which was a red flag. After a lot of back and forth and them requesting more and more money, I ended up giving them a total of $677. I was then told I need to invest another $100 to get my money out due to a "signal" issue. From looking at the conversation I can see they just wanted my money and were never on planning on giving me any money. The reason I am contacting you is because most of the the money that I sent to these people, was taken out of a regular ATM and sent through the Bitcoin ATM through Bitcoin Depot. The money was either sent straight to my Coinbase wallet or directly to their wallet on I can provide screenshots upon request. I was wondering if there was any way I could dispute those transaction and work on receiving a refund for the money I sent. Thank you,
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