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02.02.2019 Francesca Corberi <[email protected]>
Sextortion - DO NOT PAY! It was uploaded on fishing web-site of flash plug-in... Victims downloaded everything and did not suspect any danger, as you know this software is necessary for all computers to play video files. You have also fallen for my bait. With the help of a parser reacted to your requests for porn sites. Directly when the play button was pushed the malicious soft activated your web-cam to shoot you masturbating. After the computer worm made a copy of the vid that you were watching on the screen. My form-grabber demolished history and collected all passwords from your social media that were visited from previous Friday. We copied your contacts with your friends, collegues and relatives. If you want to avoid the shame you must send us 380 usd in bitcoins. It is my wallet number - 16Xzxe5J6F4U28SLhmhu75hFpLzNK4XUSa
03.02.2019 Ping Withers <[email protected]>
"Let's sum up the results... we have video with you masturbating, contact list with your friends, collegues and relatives; video that you watched on your computer. You can help yourself you must send us 480 usd with bitcoins. It is our wallet number - 16Xzxe5J6F4U28SLhmhu75hFpLzNK4XUSa"
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