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08.01.2021 World Markets
The last months around mid, 2020, I was looking to invest in some trading services and came across positive comments on worldmarkets via social media and on different forums. The company their website gave some extra info on their different returns per month and their trading results. They seem to have also a lot of departments per country and they are in business for already a longer period. There is a manual and managed trading account service to choose from. I have chosen to take the managed trading account. On 14/09/2020 I have transferred BTC 0.47812225 (the minimal deposit) from my forex trading account 17r5VerW2QCFb88gcLMHzM8aeo7YXKJVio from my FXChoice forex broker. This was sent to worldmarkets their Bitcoin account 16XtUcBo9UX7RPkpaSeyT7uWr6Nu4k65FZ. After some weeks WorldMarkets extended the withdrawal period to each 75 days and I started to see some negative comments from people that were discussing on social media to get their returns back. So on 11/11/2020 I did a first withdrawal request. They send me back it was accepted and they would inform me further. On 13/11/2020 I was informed that there were mild delays for withdrawals. On 22/11/2020 I emailed again to pay me to my bank account or Bitcoin wallet. And on 23/11/2020 they told there were liquidity issues with their broker. That day I informed them I would let this being investigated. On 26/11/2020 they responded back that there are delayments for some weeks. On this mail I responded back that I have contacted a company to recover my investment.On 21/12/2020 they emailed that there were still ongoing liquidity issues with Till today 06/01/2021 nothing has been recovered.
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