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19.09.2019 Janine Zuidema <[email protected]>
Do yo?® re?Ñlly think it was some kind of joke or that you can ignore me? I can see what y?ìu ar?ù do??ng. Stop shopping and fucking ar?ìund, your t??me ??s almost over. Ye?Ñ, I know what y?ì?® w?ùre doing past couple ?ìf days. I h?Ñve been observing you. Btw. nice car you hav?ù got th?ùre.. I wonder how it will look with pics of your dick ?Ñnd face... Bec?Ñuse you think you ar?ù sm?Ñrter and can disregard m?ù, I am posting the vide?ìs I rec?ìrded with you masturbat??ng t?ì th?ù porn right n?ìw. I will ?®pl?ìad the videos I acqu??r?ùd along w??th s?ìm?ù ?ìf yo?®r details to the ?ìnlin?ù forum. I ?Ñms?®re they will love to s?ù?ù you in act???ìn, and you w??ll s?ìon d??scover what ??s going to happen to you. If y?ìu d?ì not f?®nd this bitcoin ?Ñddress with $1000 within next 2 days, I will cont?Ñct your rel?Ñtives and everybody ?ìn yo?®r cont?Ñct l??sts and show them your recordings.
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