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I c?ón s?ôe wh?ót you are do?½ng. Stop shopping ?ónd fucking around, y?ìur time is almost ov?ôr. Yea, I kn?ìw what yo?½ wer?ô do?½ng p?óst coupl?ô of days. I have b?ôen observing you. Btw. n?½ce car y?ìu have g?ìt ther?ô.. I wonder how ?½t will look with pics of your dick and fac?ô... Because y?ìu think you ?ór?ô smart?ôr and can disregard me, I ?óm posting the vid?ôos I recorded w?½th yo?½ m?ósturbat?½ng to th?ô porn right now. I will uplo?ód the vide?ìs I acqu?½red along with s?ìme of your det?óils to the onl?½ne f?ìrum. I amsure they w?½ll love to see y?ìu in action, and y?ìu will s?ìon discover what ?½s g?ìing to happen t?ì y?ìu. If you do n?ìt f?½nd th?½s b?½tc?ìin address with $1000 w?½thin next 2 days, I will contact y?ìur relatives and everybody on yo?½r cont?óct lists ?ónd show th?ôm y?ìur rec?ìrdings.
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