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20.10.2019 Jeanson James Ancheta. Also known as BossJJA on the dark web.
I started to monitor the activity on your devices. My first idea was to block and encrypt your important files. Than I would ask for a small fee to release them back. But than one day, You visited some dirty websites. You know what I mean naughty thing. And I silently activated your front camera and recorded You. Yes! Now, I stole contact list of yourself. I have all your friends lists. A lot of information was downloaded to my system.And, What do I want? Well I am asking from you a small fee of 685 USD. This is the cost of my time, and I had spent quite a lot of time on following you. If you don't pay my fee, all the naughty screen videos will be delivered to your friends and family. No I am not kidding, this is business. But if you cooperate with me, I promise that I will delete these files as soon as I receive the payment. I won't need them anymore. Send the amount to my bitcoin address: 15DuhMgrxUi6WrgNQLjv81TqnbtGZAtYqQ
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