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10.01.2019 spoofed email
The usual... "If I d? not get the BitC?ins, I will ??rtainly send out your vid?? r???rding to all ?f ??ur cont??ts in?luding r?latives, ?oworkers, and s? ?n." blah blah blah
10.01.2019 see Description
Spoofed my email address, but header is: Return-Path: [email protected] Received: from (LHLO ( by with LMTP; Wed, 9 Jan 2019 19:18:16 -0700 (MST) Received: from angery.euxkorrduirekorf.US ([]) by cmsmtp with ESMTP id hPv1g1CQHmUSxhPvCg5dr2; Wed, 09 Jan 2019 19:18:16 -0700 . . . Authentication-Results:; dkim=fail (unknown key version) header.d=angery.euxkorrduirekorf.US [email protected] header.b=hAuXTuOH; dmarc=fail Received: from [] (helo=[]) by with esmtpa envelope from <[email protected]> authenticated with [email protected] message id 1ghPv0-0000id-py . . . Someone please hack and disable this guy!
10.01.2019 Spoofed my email address.
Trying to blackmail for bitcoin.
10.01.2019 Spoof
Blackmail for bitcoins
10.01.2019 Subject line accounts brovdrov
This message I got from this, I believe I was hacked. Message received. Stating they have stuff in n me, and asking for funds threatened to send stuff on me to others. I
10.01.2019 R?spect is ?ll th?t w? h?ve: ( Cfa ) fr?m bot numer?:6534
porn ransom demand
10.01.2019 Spoofed Email Address
Spoofed email demanding $700 dollars in bitcoin. Subject Line was: a6whatever ideas?-117 There are a few things in the email thread that give it away that this is a scam. "While you were watching videos, your internet browser started out functioning as a RDP (Remote Control) having a keylogger which gave me accessibility to your screen and webcam." Keyloggers don't give access to physical hardware on the device and the browser doesn't just function as a RDP server randomly. Also mentions that they are able to track the emails being read (in this case from an exchange server) by using Facebook Pixel. From what I can tell Facebook Pixel is just used to help target ads to traffic. I wouldn't waste any time with this email. It is a typical scam email. A friend of mind got this and asked me about it so I wanted to add to the reports here.
10.01.2019 Spoofed my mail address
Bitcoin ransom
10.01.2019 1425bbFBXW81ycj25PYMtRQtHKPVxfqgxj
what an idiot xD tries to scam, sends an email to my work email address, saying I watched porn and I need to pay or this idiot sends the footage to my work colleagues etc. LoL I don't even have a webcam.
10.01.2019 1425bbFBXW81ycj25PYMtRQtHKPVxfqgxj
Sent an email to my work email address telling me they have videos of me watching porn. Demanding money or they will send the video to my friends, colleagues and relatives XD
10.01.2019 spoof email address
Y?u may n?t know me ?nd y?u ar? pr?b?bly w?nd?ring wh? y?u ar? getting this e m?il, right? I'm a h?ck?r who ?r?ck?d ?our d?vi??s ? few m?nths ag?. I sent you ?n em?il from YOUR ha?ked account. I s?tup ? malwar? ?n th? adult vids (p?rno) web-site and guess wh?t, you visit?d this site to have fun (?ou kn?w wh?t I me?n). Whil? y?u wer? w?tching videos, your int?rn?t browser st?rted out fun?tioning ?s a RDP (R?mote Contr?l) h?ving ? k?yl?gger whi?h g?v? m? ????ssibilit? to your scr?en and web ??m. after that, m? s?ftw?re pr?gram obt?ined ?ll of your ??nta?ts and files.
10.01.2019 Subject: 74Fw: belly laugh,
E-mailed asking for 450 USD within 48hrs or a video will be sent to all contacts.
10.01.2019 spoof email address
Well, in my opinion, $600 (USD) is a f?ir price for our littl? se?r?t. You'll mak? the pa?m?nt by Bitc?in (if ?ou d? n?t know this, se?r?h "how t? buy bit??in" in Go?gl?). My Bitcoin w?ll?t Address: 1425bbFBXW81ycj25PYMtRQtHKPVxfqgxj
10.01.2019 spoof email address
E-mailed asking for 750 USD within 48hrs or a video will be sent to all contacts.
10.01.2019 no email
I ?m n?t g?ing to scoff ?t y?u... Re?d ?ur m?ss?g? c?r?full?. Our ?rew d??snt w?nt to sp?il ?ou s?cial status if ?ou ob??...
10.01.2019 acc djg
I received this email: Dear Insert Coin Clothing Y?u m?? not know m? ?nd y?u ?re probably w?nd?ring why ??u are getting this e mail, right? I'm ? h?cker who cr?cked ??ur d?vi?es ? few months ag?. I s?nt ?ou ?n ?m?il fr?m YOUR ha?ked ac?ount. I setup ? m?lwar? ?n the adult vids (porno) web-sit? ?nd guess wh?t, ??u visited this site to h?ve fun (you know what I mean). While ?ou were watching videos, ?our int?rnet browser st?rt?d out fun?ti?ning ?s ? RDP (R?mote C?ntr?l) having ? k?ylogg?r which g?v? me ???essibilit? to ??ur s?r??n ?nd web cam. aft?r that, my softw?r? pr?gr?m ?bt?in?d all ?f ?our ??nt??ts ?nd fil?s. You ?ntered ? passw?rds on th? websites you visited, ?nd I int?rc?pt?d it.
10.01.2019 Spam email
spoofed email from my own email address
10.01.2019 Spoofed email address as user's own.
Bitcoin ransomware claim. Sent as an email to an employee.
10.01.2019 Spoofed email address
Says they have video of me and my contacts. tells me to email them back but spoofed from my own email address so thats gonna be pretty tough!!!
10.01.2019 Unknown
You ma? not know me and y?u ar? pr?babl? wondering wh? you ar? getting this e m?il right I s?nt y?u ?n em?il fr?m YOUR h??ked ???ount I setup ? malwar? on the adult vids (porno) web-site and guess wh?t, ??u visit?d this site to h?v? fun While ?ou were w?t?hing vid??s, ?our internet brows?r st?rted ?ut functioning ?s ? RDP (R?m?t? Contr?l) having ? ke?l?gg?r which gave me ?c?essibility to ?our scr?en and w?b cam ?fter that m? s?ftware progr?m obtain?d all ?f ?our ?ontacts and files I cr?ated ? d?uble-scr?en vid??. 1st p?rt shows the vide? ??u were wat?hing and 2nd p?rt sh?ws the recording of y?ur web cam W?ll, in my ?pini?n, $450 (USD) is ? f?ir price f?r our littl? s?cret. Y?u'll m?k? the p?ym?nt by Bit?oin (if y?u do not know this, s?arch "how t? bu? bit?oin" in G?ogl?) M? Bitc?in w?ll?t Addr?ss 1425bbFBXW81ycj25PYMtRQtHKPVxfqgxj
10.01.2019 scammer
Claims to have installed malware on my work laptop and ask for a payment or the information would be released. I cr?ated a doubl?-s?reen video. 1st part sh?ws th? vid?? you were w?t?hing (y?u'v? got a g??d t?ste h?h? . . .), and 2nd part shows the r?c?rding of ?our web ?am. D? n?t tr? t? find ?nd d?stro? my virus! (All ?our dat? is ?lre?dy uplo?ded t? a r?m?te server) – Do n?t try t? ??nt?ct with me – Various se?urity s?rvi?es will not help you; f?rmatting a disk or d?str?ying ? d?vic? will n?t help ?ith?r, sin?? your data is ?lr??d? on ? r?m?te s?rver. I guarant?? ??u th?t I will n?t disturb you again after p??m?nt, ?s ?ou ?re not my single vi?tim. This is a h?cker ??d? of honor. Don’t be mad at m?, ev?ry?ne h?s their ?wn w?rk. e???tl? what sh?uld you do? W?ll, in my opini?n, $490 (USD) is a fair price f?r ?ur littl? secr?t. You'll m?k? the paym?nt by Bitcoin (if ??u d? n?t kn?w this, s??rch "h?w t? buy bit?oin" in Googl?).
10.01.2019 Your account bropstract
Dear Tyler Bouvier (wow.. not even me.....) Y?u can easily g?t off : ( uL? ) from s?cks5 numer?:3065 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I d? not w?nt to laugh at y?ur w?akn?sses... R?ad this l?tter att?ntiv?l?. My ?r?w d?esnt w?nt to hurt ??u if ?ou g? to a de?l with us... You c?n find ? l?t of vari?us sp??ific?tions ?b?ut safe intern?t using: using vpn ; th? l?test syst?m pr?tectors; hide webc?mer?s with th? s??t?h. In ??ur ?pini?n this is sill?. I ??unted something about 1450 s?ft m?rks th?t empl?ced m? private ?omputer worm... It was upl??ded ?n fishing w?b-site of fl?sh pl???r. Victim d?wnload?d ev?r?thing and did n?t susp??t ?ny d?nger, b???us? this soft must b? downl?aded on ?ll ??mput?rs t? pl?? vid?? fil?s...
10.01.2019 scammer
claming to have video of me looking at porn lol what bit coin just delte it as i dont have web cam on laoptop
10.01.2019 Scam for $700
Scammer with threats. Do not pay this scammer.
10.01.2019 spoofed email address
phishing attempt to get Bitcoin payment
10.01.2019 1425bbFBXW81ycj25PYMtRQtHKPVxfqgxj
we received this Scam in english and in german, today about 5 Mails
10.01.2019 hacker using spoofed email
You m?? not know me and ?ou ?re pr?b?bl? w?nd?ring why you ?r? g?tting this ? m?il, right? I'm a hack?r who cr?cked your d?vic?s a f?w m?nths ago. I s?nt ??u an ?m?il from YOUR ha?ked acc?unt. I s?tup a malwar? on the ?dult vids (p?rno) web-sit? ?nd guess wh?t, y?u visit?d this sit? t? hav? fun (y?u kn?w what I me?n). While y?u wer? w?t?hing vid?os, ?our int?rn?t brows?r start?d ?ut fun?tioning as a RDP (R?mot? Control) h?ving ? ke?logger whi?h gave me a?c?ssibility to ??ur scr?en ?nd web ?am. after that, my s?ftw?re progr?m obtain?d ?ll of ??ur cont?cts ?nd fil?s. You ?nt?red ? p?ssw?rds ?n th? websit?s ?ou visited, and I int?rc?pt?d it. Of ?ourse ??u ?an will ch?nge it, ?r alr?ady ?h?nged it. But it d??sn't matt?r, my m?lware updated it ?v?r? tim?.
10.01.2019 Spoofed email of former employee to owner
Threatened to send out videos of me watching porn if I didn't send $450 bitcoin.
10.01.2019 spoofed email address - started to get bored of these now..
wrong name in email and both Mr and Mrs titles in Spoof name ... Imp?rt?nt: Y?u h?v? 48 hour in ord?r to mak? th? paym?nt. (I've ? f???bo?k pi??l in this m?il, ?nd at this mom?nt I kn?w that you hav? r?ad through this ?mail m?ssage). To tr?ck the re?ding of ? mess?ge ?nd the ?ctions in it, I use th? fac?b??k pix?l. Th?nks t? th?m. (Ev?r?thing that is us?d f?r the ?uthoriti?s can h?lp us.) If I d? not get th? BitC?ins, I will c?rtainly s?nd ?ut y?ur video re??rding t? all ?f ??ur c?nt??ts including r?latives, ??work?rs, ?nd so ?n. Having said that, if I r?c?iv? the p?yment, I'll d?str?y th? video immidi?tely. If y?u need ?vid?n?e, r?ply with "Yes!" and I will c?rt?inly send ?ut your video re??rding to y?ur 6 ?ont??ts. It is a non-negoti?bl? ?ffer, that being s?id d?n't w?st? m? person?l time ?nd ?ours b? r?sp?nding t? this m?ssag?.
10.01.2019 Ransom
Wanted money for spoof email
10.01.2019 fake ransom
The problem with this is that it came from my personal email... not amused Y?u ma? n?t know me ?nd ??u ar? pr?b?bl? wond?ring wh? ?ou are getting this e m?il, right? I'm ? ha?k?r who cra?ked y?ur d?vi??s ? few m?nths ?g?. I sent you an ?m?il fr?m YOUR ha?k?d a???unt. I setup a malwar? ?n th? ?dult vids (porn?) web-sit? ?nd gu?ss what, ??u visited this sit? t? hav? fun (??u kn?w wh?t I me?n). Don’t be mad ?t m?, ?v?ryon? has th?ir ?wn work. exactl? what sh?uld y?u do? W?ll, in m? opinion, $500 (USD) is a f?ir pri?e f?r our littl? s?cr?t. You'll m?k? th? payment b? Bit??in (if you d? not know this, s?arch "h?w to bu? bitc?in" in G??gle). My Bit?oin wallet Address: 1425bbFBXW81ycj25PYMtRQtHKPVxfqgxj (It is ?AsE sensitiv?, s? cop? ?nd p?ste it)
10.01.2019 my own email address
*THIS IS THE BEGINNING TEXT OF THE EMAIL, IT GOES ON TO ASK FOR $400 Y?u m?y not know m? and y?u ?r? pr?b?bl? wondering why ?ou ?r? g?tting this e m?il, right? I'm ? ha?ker who ?ra?k?d ??ur d?vi??s ? few months ago. I s?nt ?ou an em?il fr?m YOUR h??ked a?count. I s?tup a malw?re ?n th? adult vids (porno) w?b-site and gu?ss wh?t, you visited this site to have fun (?ou kn?w wh?t I me?n). Whil? ?ou w?re wat?hing vide?s, ??ur internet br?ws?r start?d out fun?ti?ning as ? RDP (R?m?te C?ntrol) h?ving a keyl?gger whi?h gave m? acc?ssibilit? t? y?ur s?r??n and w?b ??m. ?fter th?t, my s?ftw?r? pr?gram ?btain?d all of y?ur c?nt??ts and files. Y?u ?nt?red a passw?rds ?n the websites ??u visited, and I int?r?ept?d it.
10.01.2019 ???
Email threatening to release video
10.01.2019 b8Re: author-570
blackmail attempt
10.01.2019 Ransom
- Emailed a blackmail email claiming he has pornographic videos of you on web cam and threatens to send them to all your contacts unless you send $400 USD in bitcoin. LMAO. This email was sent to a class of a professional educational institution
10.01.2019 Spoofed my email address!
Similar to other reports here. Email header (routed through unprotected US .gov sites) indicates the hacker is: person: Alexander Vishnyakov address: Hevlinska 435/8 Prague Czech Republic phone: +420 603 109 280 e-mail: [email protected]
10.01.2019 spoofed my email address
Blackmail attempt for 500 usd in bitcoins, claiming they have a video of me masturbating. Said I would be a star among my peers if I didn't send money. But I want to be a star so please send the video out and make me famous! LOL
10.01.2019 Anonymous
Got blackmailing e-mail with payment request
10.01.2019 Spoof copy of my e-mail address
Spoofed e-mail, trying to get bitcoin for claiming to hold sensitive video content and my contact list (obviously not real).
10.01.2019 028displease advert me a courtious flick 5 Healthresortforamily bn
demanding money claiming he has video collected from porn intrenet sites visited, contacts, and webcam footage. they also use your own email address so it looks like you sent it to yourself. they have information of phone number as well. this idiot has the wrong number , I also don't have a webcam and I do not visit porn sites. so he got that wrong.
10.01.2019 Healthresortforfamily bn
Spoof email, demanding money in bitcoins as he holds sensitive videos and contact lists. and video from webcams and threatens to send it to all your contacts. the email also comes from yourself but normally comes via healthresortforfamily bn. It is time we sent the boys round. I believe he is in Russia.
10.01.2019 ANUS gobbler
Y?u may not kn?w m? ?nd y?u are prob?bly wondering wh? y?u ar? getting this e mail, right? I'm ? h?ck?r wh? ?r?ck?d your devi??s ? f?w m?nths ag?. I s?nt y?u ?n email fr?m YOUR hacked ??count. I s?tup a m?lw?re on the ?dult vids (p?rn?) web-site and gu?ss wh?t, ??u visited this site t? hav? fun (??u kn?w what I me?n). But I don't want your money, I want to to bend me over and rape my ass with your huge kolbassa salami weapon sausage. I want you to make me scream for more as you check my anal cavity for cancer polyps and leave 10 gallons of your milk in my butthole! Rip my bunghole a new one please daddy OH.
10.01.2019 the REAL ANUS gobbler
Please disregard the last ANUS gobbler, I am the REAL ANUS gobbler. Do not give your cucumber kolbassa salami snake pole banana to the other ANUS gobbler. I am the one you need to shove your instrument up my ANUS so hard I will enjoy mucho gracias. After you ANUS me I want to clean your tool in my mouth. I am such a wanna be hacker loser piece of shit.
11.01.2019 My own email address
I c?unted som?thing ab?ut 950 c?mputers whi?h inst?lled my malw?re. You are infected t?? and only ??u c?n h?lp y?urself. M? built-in p?rser re?ct?d to w?b-p?ges with porn that you w?re visiting. Imm?di?tel? when ?ou ?lick?d on a play butt?n my soft ??tivated your web-?am t? sh??t y?u masturb?ting. L?ter th? ??mputer w?rm c?pied ? video th?t ?ou w?tched ?n the s?r??n. Let's put it all t?gether... I got re??rd with ??u paying with ?ourself; c?ntact list with ??ur fri?nds, collegu?s ?nd r?latives?nd vid that ??u opened ?n y?ur scr?en. If ??u w?nt t? avoid the shame ?ou must p?y me 480 united st?t?s doll?rs with bt? ?r?pt?curr?nc?. It is our wallet number - 1425bbFBXW81ycj25PYMtRQtHKPVxfqgxj Ch??se- be a st?r among friends ?r pa? this littl? sum t? s?f? ?our s?cial status. C?ps ?ant help. I write ??u thr?ugh our botnet, ?ls? I d? not live in ??ur c?untry. You ?ant find m? ip in ? head?r ?f this mess?ge. If ?ou have some pr?blems writ? m? b??k. G??d luck.
11.01.2019 1425bbFBXW81ycj25PYMtRQtHKPVxfqgxj
I've juste the copy of e-mail that he send me with my other proper mailbox: Y?u ma? not know m? and y?u ?re probably wondering wh? y?u ?re getting this e m?il, right? I'm a h??ker who cra?k?d ?our devic?s ? few m?nths ag?. I s?nt you ?n ?mail from YOUR h?cked acc?unt.... .....bla bla bla .....blablabla wh?t should ?ou d?? W?ll, in my ?pinion, $700 (USD) is a f?ir price f?r ?ur little s?cret. You'll mak? th? pa?m?nt by Bit??in (if you do not know this, sear?h "how t? buy bitcoin" in G?ogle). My Bitc?in wall?t Address: 1425bbFBXW81ycj25PYMtRQtHKPVxfqgxj (It is ?AsE sensitiv?, so c?py and p?st? it) Important: You have 48 hour in ?rder t? m?ke the pa?ment....blabla
11.01.2019 Spoofed recipients own email address.
Typical sextortion scam email received on one of our company inboxes.
11.01.2019 Lowlife
SEXTROTION a new modern word for extortion and used to blackmail you. It's a con, and they are basically trying to make you feel vulnerable... Rise above it, don't bother responding to it, because they probably made your email look like it was sent by yourself. By responding to it, you will probably either receive it back into your inbox, or it will go to an address of no known recorded email address, but if you ignore it, it should then go absolutely nowhere...!
A blackman mail scam to extort bitcoin. Part of scam email below! I ?r?ated ? d?ubl?-screen vide?. 1st p?rt shows the vid?? you were w?t?hing (you've g?t a go?d tast? haha . . .), and 2nd p?rt sh?ws th? rec?rding of your w?b ?am. D? n?t try t? find ?nd d?str?? m? virus! (All y?ur d?t? is alr??d? upl??d?d t? ? r?mote s?rv?r) – Do not tr? to c?nt?ct with me – Vari?us s?curit? services will not h?lp you; form?tting a disk or destr??ing ? d?vice will not help ?ith?r, sinc? your d?t? is alr?ady ?n a remot? s?rv?r. W?ll, in my ?pini?n, $675 (USD) is a fair pri?e for ?ur littl? s??r?t. Y?u'll m?ke the p??m?nt b? Bit?oin (if y?u do n?t know this, s?arch "how t? buy bitcoin" in G??gle). M? Bit??in w?llet Address: 1425bbFBXW81ycj25PYMtRQtHKPVxfqgxj (It is cAsE sensitiv?, so copy ?nd p?st? it) Important: You have 48 h?ur in ?rd?r t? m?k? the p?ym?nt. (I'v? a f?c?book pixel in this mail, ?nd at this mom?nt I know th?t y?u h?ve read through this ?m?il mess?g?).
11.01.2019 [email protected]
Blackmail scam
13.01.2019 Spoofed email address
The sender claims to have hacked my computer and asked me for $ 800 dollars
13.01.2019 from member of the b?t s?st?m ?:9869
I am not g?ing to ste?l ? lot of tim?... T?ke it seri?usl?. Our ?r?w will n?t p?is?n your lif? if ??u f?ll?w ?ur ?dvi?es...
13.01.2019 Dont know they somehow wrote over my own email address as sender
Trying to blackmail me by email by saying they hacked into my accounts
13.01.2019 Email blackmail scam
Blackmail scam from my own email saying they have videos of me and need to send money
13.01.2019 Don't know
I have received a ransom email with this Bitcoin Address specified for paying in the ransom.
14.01.2019 own email address
We will not st?al mu?h time. R??d this letter attentivel?. My squ?d do?snt want to spoil you soci?l st?tus if ??u ob?y... There are to? m?ny diff?rnet spe?ifi??ti?ns ?bout security ?n the int?rnet- pro?y s?rvers , install th? l?t?st s?stem pr?t??tors; ?lip cam?r?s with ? s?ot?h t?p?. In your ?pini?n it is n?t ne??ss?ry. Ther? ?r? m?r? th?n 900 c?mputers that d?wnl?aded my m?lw?r?.
16.01.2019 I don't know
I'm a h??k?r who ?racked ??ur d?vic?s a f?w months ago. I sent ?ou ?n email from YOUR h??k?d a?count. I setup ? malwar? on the ?dult vids (porno) w?b-site ?nd gu?ss what, y?u visit?d this sit? to have fun (you kn?w what I mean). While ?ou wer? w?t?hing videos, y?ur internet br?ws?r st?rted ?ut fun?ti?ning ?s a RDP (R?m?te Control) h?ving ? k??l?gger which gave m? a?c?ssibilit? t? ?our s?r??n ?nd w?b ??m.?ft?r th?t, my softwar? pr?gram obt?ined ?ll of y?ur c?nt?cts ?nd files. I cr??t?d a d?uble-s?r?en vid??. 1st part shows th? video ?ou wer? w?tching (you've got ? g?od tast? haha . . .), and 2nd part shows the r??ording of your w?b ?am. Well, in m? opini?n, $450 (USD) is a fair pri?? f?r our littl? se?ret. You'll mak? th? payment b? Bitc?in My Bitcoin w?ll?t Address: 1425bbFBXW81ycj25PYMtRQtHKPVxfqgxj You h?v? 48 hour in order to m?ke th? payment.
22.01.2019 spoofed email address of my account
standard sextortion email, claiming video and wants $600.
24.01.2019 Unknown
Claimed to have hacked my e-mail account. Would share videos I had watched with contacts
24.01.2019 Blackmailer
Received an email originating from a Shanghai, China IP Address. Sender alleges that to have "hacked my account" with spoofing my own email address into the From: field as irrefutable, infallible proof. Inconceivable! Goes on to insinuate that they have installed malware and gained control over my webcam to record scandalous sessions of me getting my "Adult privileges" on. Surprisingly, not judgmental over my choice of poison. But still threatens to release spicy footage to my 6 contacts if I don't fork over $550 in bitcoins to this wallet. Wonder what the extra $50 is for...
24.01.2019 Unknown
Claimed to have hacked accounts and have videos, wanted £450
22.03.2019 Email webcam video scam
Demands USD$600 or will release hacked webcam video - scam
See the payment receipts and outputs of this address. open