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12.04.2020 Jannelle Blumhuber
(...) ?TC Address: 13749hLNxa7JJP1tVkwFXWFtUqKAcnqsck [CASE se?s????es? c??y ??d ??s?e ??] ?f y?u ?re w??der??g ?b?u? g???g ?? ?he l?w e?f?rceme??, g??d, ?h?s em??l mess?ge c?? ??? be ?r?ced b?c? ?? me. ? h??e c??ered my s?e?s. ? ?m jus? ??? l?????g ?? ch?rge y?u ?ery much, ? jus? w??? ?? be rew?rded. ? h??e ? u??que ??xel w??h?? ?h?s em??l, ??d ??w ? ???w ?h?? y?u h??e re?d ?h?s em??l. Y?u ??w h??e ??e d?y ?? m??e ?he ??yme??. ?f ? d? ??? ge? ?he ???C???s, ? w?ll se?d ?u? y?ur ??de? rec?rd??g ?? ?ll ?f y?ur c????c?s ??clud??g f?m?ly members, c?w?r?ers, ??d s? ??. N??e?heless, ?f ? d? ge? ???d, ? w?ll des?r?y ?he rec?rd??g ?mm?d???ely. ?f y?u w??? ?r??f, re?ly w??h Yes! ?he? ? w?ll cer????ly se?d ?u? y?ur ??de? rec?rd??g ?? y?ur 12 fr?e?ds. ?? ?s ? ???:?eg????ble ?ffer, ?hus d? ??? w?s?e m??e ??me & y?urs by re?ly??g ?? ?h?s e-m??l.
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