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08.03.2019 sent me 1000 USD in bitcoins
This account was infected! Modify the password right now! You do not know anything about me and you really are most likely wanting to know why you're receiving this e-mail, proper? I'm ahacker who exploitedyour email boxand systemnot so long ago
08.03.2019 hacker
this hacker is another cut/paste email asking for $1000 in bitcoin otherwise he's going to release an alleged video of my contact list. same story, different day.
08.03.2019 <a href="/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="0a6962657d7e6567694a646f7e7
This account has been infected! Renew the pswd right now! You do not heard about me and you may be probably surprised why you are reading this e-mail, is it right? I&#039; who burstyour email boxand all devicesnot so long ago. Do not attempt to get in touch with me or alternatively find me, it is definitely not possible, considering that I forwarded you this message from YOUR own hacked account. I buad in virus to the ad. videos (porno) site and guess you have enjoyed this site to have some fin (think you understand what I mean). Whilst you were wad* video clips, your inter. browser began operating like a RDP (Remote Control) that have a keylogger that provided me ability to access your screen and webcam. Next step, my applicationaquired. data_ You wrote passcodes on the web services you visited, and I sniffed them. Surely, you&#039;ll be able to modify them, or perhaps akeady changed them. However it does not matter, my spyware updates information every 5 minutes. What did I do?...
07.03.2019 Hacked password ransom, .etc.
Typical ransom idiot that pulled an old password off an exposed password list. From the email header: Received: from [] (unknown [])
07.03.2019 Security Notice. Someone have access to your system.
07.03.2019 ransomware
Demanding 1000USD!!
07.03.2019 Unsure
07.03.2019 <a href="/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="e982889d8088c78f9b88878a86a
Spoofing email headers to make it seem like the email is coming from your own account. States that they use a facebook pixel to track things, but there isn&#039;t any outgoing urls embedded in the email.
06.03.2019 Return-Path: &lt;<a href="/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection" class="__cf_email__" data-cfemail="cda1a4b4ac
Sextortion scam.
06.03.2019 jackass
send me money or i release blah blah blah same garbage
05.03.2019 My email
Hi, this account is infected! It will be good idea to change the password right this moment! You probably do not heard about me and you obviously are definitely wondering for what reason you're receiving this letter, is it right? I'mhacker who exploitedyour emailand devices and gadgetsnot so long ago. Don't try to msg me or seek for me, it is hopeless, since I sent you this message from YOUR hacked account.
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