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25.02.2019 Possibly a spoofer
A scammer is using the bitcoin adress: 12PUa2SHjWAUEpZZUxQNvxa7epab7g2Ksb, to scam people into sending him money with the threat of otherwise releasing compromising videos. I have followed the cashflow and it all ends up at this adress.
08.03.2019 Sent email spoofed from my own.
I can also concur, and it seems he is indeed cashing out by doing this such thing. Got the main BTC address he got me..and it ended on this BTC there any way he can be stopped and refund the people he harmed? I see a lot of BTC flow there.. Also threatening to spread videos of "adult" pleasuring stuff. Not good.
See the payment receipts and outputs of this address. open