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18.05.2021 [email protected]
Wanted money for not revealing recorded video... 1st email: How ur hand feels? Still not tired of your hand fucking? Supposedly at first the notice is gonna knock u back, but it comes as no surprise. When you browse adult web-sites don’t be shocked at infecting your device, as well as at the fact that somebody can activate your web camera and shoot ur intimate activity with your hand. The guidelines are as simple as that. You pay me, and I won’t share your personal video clip with your contacts from email or publish it on the Internet. In meeting my claims, you will never hear of me again. You can contact anybody u want, but nobody is gonna help u. I am going to fulfil my promise in case u ignore my demands. Do not attempt to get to me, the address is gonna be deleted after sending this text. I reckon 48 h are gonna be enough for tackling the monetary question. (I’ll be informed when you read it)... 2nd Email: Transfer 1399 usd, Bit coin 12RhMSQjy6XkMdF6vqEYRF6Ga3zGHdxX61
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