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Hello! I`m aware that you watch very often PRONOGRAPHIC movies! Your phone got hacked and this gave me access to use your microphone and your camera and record you in slient mode, without you knowing while you satisfy yourself! Here is the deal... if you don`t send me 800$ equivalent value in BIT C0lN the video with you(doing you know what) will be sent to the list of your contacts. My malicious application that was installed also had another function, to grab all your contacts from social media, phonebook list, emails and so. Do I have passwords as well? No, because all smartphones have like a virus defender and they scan for what kind of activity an app can have, so stealing passwords? Not good, this can be detected! Using camera and extracting contacts without the use know? Normal stuff! Ok! Well to get some coins you can Google for "Buy BIT C0lN instantly" and use the next address to send the coins: Address: 1 2 4 s x M f j x F P X x H C i z v 4 m a 4 h t 8 X A 1 Z a V w J 5 Amount: 0.021 Be aware! My address which is Case Sensitive contains spaces so you have to remove manually all spaces and the result must to be a string of 34 characters long also it will start with "1" and will end with "5". Use that string without spaces to send the coins! The time limit is... a few days! So, to remove my sneaky hidden app apply a reset with factory settings. Search on Google for "Factory Settings Reset [your smartphone model]". In case you suspect that I compromised your passwords, you can change them! To stop getting vlruses... next time, make the updates in time for apps! Also, you may took in consideration to stop with this habbit of watching videos like this... is messing with your brain. When the payment is made if you still get those messages simply ignore them. The hacked servers are scheduled to send multiple messages.
See the payment receipts and outputs of this address. open