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11.11.2019 Rechtsanwalt Roth
They suspect to have a video where is visible how I mastrubate. Actually I would like to see it. They want 500 euro in 72 hours
11.11.2019 Rechtsanwalt Schumacher
Usual "porn video" blackmail scam. 72 hours time to pay 500€.
05.11.2019 Anwalt Lang
Last exhortion mail trying to get the receiver to pay money to a bitcoin address. Not sure about the exact content because I didn't open the attachment.
17.10.2019 Rechtsanwalt "Wolf"
Erpressungs versuch
17.10.2019 virus
Attempted blackmail: Virus and child porn on HDD. Pay 250 € and nothing happens, or, data and video will be published.
17.10.2019 unknown
sent sectortion emails
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